Automotive Equipment

POSCO DAEWOO is the only Korean trading company to operate an organization devoted to automotive components and supplies automobiles, automotive components and engineering technology to over 250 clients in some 70 countries around the world.
By adopting production equipment, it plays an important role as a project organizer by providing an integrated solution covering automotive component equipment to component supply. Currently, POSCO DAEWOO is enhancing its competitiveness with new technologies and materials centered on electric cars and automated driving to lead the future automobile industry.

Pontiac Auto Component Factory, USA

At POSCO DAEWOO's Pontiac factory located in Michigan, the hub of American automobile manufacturing, the company has localized the automotive component assembly line, based on which it is able to expand its existing sales business of Korean automotive components and secure the footing as a local supplier. These achievements were also made possible by positioning ourselves as an OEM supplier responding to the needs of customers and international trade strategies of the American government.
Since 2016, half-shafts have been assembled/produced and supplied at the Pontiac factory, expected to continue for at least six more years. Furthermore, POSCO DAEWOO has used the component warehouse and supply network of its Detroit branch which has been in operation for the past 12 years to supply components for engines, transmissions and suspensions to 11 clients.
POSCO DAEWOO will supply 800,000 units annually from January 2018. In the second half of 2018, assembly lines will be added for local production. Finally, by localizing the production process of single components, the company anticipates more efficient use of the infrastructure available at the Pontiac factory and better positioning for finding new demands and expanding business areas as a local supplier in the US market.

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  • Pontiac Factory, USA 2
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  • Pontiac Factory, USA 4
  • Pontiac Factory, USA 5
  • History : August 2015 : Began operation of warehouse
    November 2015 : Brought in half shaft assembly line
    April 2016 : Began operation of assembly line
    May 2018 : Additional half shaft assembly lines expected
    September 2018 : Production of half shaft in Pontiac for pickup truck expected

  • Equity : 51% (Operator)
  • Size : 109,805 Square Feet
  • Location : Pontiac, Michigan – Within 1 hour from Big Three (Chrysler, Ford, GM)