Automobiles & Components

Since 1984, when it was the only trading company in Korea with an organization devoted to the international trade of automobiles and automotive components, POSCO DAEWOO has supplied automobiles, automotive components and engineering technology to over 250 clients in some 70 countries around the world.
In the case of automotive components, in particular, an ISO 9001 certified organization specialized in export supplies original equipment (OE) components such as engines and transmissions, steering, suspension and powertrain components, as well as replacement equipment (RE) components such as tires and batteries. POSCO DAEWOO is also expanding its business to environmentally-friendly vehicles such as hybrid cars and electric cars, while localizing its business and actively investing in module projects.

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Main Products
  • OE components (engines & T/M, steering, suspension, interior components, air conditioning, electronic component, etc.)
  • RE components (tires, batteries, wheels, etc.)
  • Production equipment, KD/CKD/SKD