Environmental Social Report

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This report is an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment(ESIA) Report which was implemented to verify the potential influences of the 2nd Phase Shwe Development Project in Myanmar on the nearby natural environment and regional society and to prepare the methods and measures to mitigate such influences. The Company has performed all the procedures according to the Environmental Conservation Law and Guidelines of Myanmar and the ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate) was granted to the Company by the MONREC (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation) of Myanmar. The report concludes that no major impacts are anticipated from this Project and all potential impacts have been properly mitigated to be as low as reasonably practical. The Company will make all possible efforts to minimize the influences on the natural environment and indigenous people of the project area, and furthermore will continuously perform the monitoring on the influences in the progress of the development project and also periodically publish the analysis report which analyzes the results of the monitoring outcomes.

MYANMAR Environmental Social Report
No. Subject Document
3 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Shwe Project Phase 2 Development English
2 Executive Summary of ESIA Report for Shwe Project Phase 2 Development English
1 Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for Shwe Project Phase 2 Development English