Ethics Counseling Center

Do you have any question about our business ethics? Do you feel in a quandary about ethics? Talk to us and you will have answers as soon as possible.
Any unethical act or instance of corruption can be reported directly to the Ethics Management Office or via online reporting.
All consultations are deleted automatically 30 days after filing.

Ethics Management Office

Tel. 82-2-759-3467 Fax.82-2-3210-7533

Add : Office of Ethics, POSCO DAEWOO Corporation
(21998)165, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

Consent to collect personal data

◎ Purpose, scope and use

The Ethics Management Office collects the minimal level of personal data necessary for processing. Your name and contact information however, must be provided if you want an answer to your question or certain measures to be taken. You can receive a reply from us without providing any information for optional fields such as gender, enrollment with the company or confidentiality.
The scope of your personal information collected includes your name, phone number, email, gender, enrollment with the company and confidentiality request.
Your personal information will be used to confirm your question and reply to you with an answer.

◎ Retention and use of your personal data

Your personal data collected will be retained until you notify us otherwise. Upon your request, your personal data will be destroyed in a manner that it cannot be restored. As an exception, your information will be retained:
① For the term as notified to you in advance or any other term to which you agree.

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Name, Email, Phone number, Gender, Your relationship with us, Confidentiality, Subject, Body, Attachment and complete the application by typing the consultation is an input form.
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