POSCO DAEWOO's competency in trading grains and oils is the best in the nation, and this enables it to focus its efforts on this newly growing business with a view to contribute to Korea's food security.
With the goal of expanding the value chains for four major grains - wheat, corn, soybean and rice – POSCO DAEWOO is working towards to become a company that secure grain distribution facilities including silos, export terminals, grain processing facilities and rice processing complexes (RPC).

Indonesia Palm Oil

Palm oil is used in the global agro-resources and bio industries for a variety of edible and industrial purposes. In September 2011,
POSCO DAEWOO initiated investments in large-scale palm farms and facilities spanning 34,000 ha in Papua, Indonesia, to start a palm oil business. With the goal of completing planting by 2018, it is working to build a business of producing and selling edible oil products from palms harvested on the farms using oil expression facilities. After 2020, Indonesia Palm oil is expected to produce 170,000 tons of crude palm oil (CPO).
In the future, POSCO DAEWOO plans to continuously expand the value chain of its palm oil business including oil refinery and downstream processing businesses.

  • Indonesia Palm Oil 1
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 2
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 3
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 4
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 5
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 6
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 7
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 8
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 9
  • Indonesia Palm Oil 10
  • Participation : November 2011 (Commercial production to begin in 2017)

  • Equity : 85%
  • Acreage : 34,195 Ha (Plantable: 27,000 Ha)
  • Output : Maximum annual CPO production over 150KT (2025~)