Commodity & Textile

Focusing on cosmetics and commodities, POSCO DAEWOO helps accelerate Korean manufacturers' entry into overseas markets by forming partnerships with Europe's largest retailers such as Boots and Douglas. It also opened a Korean imported commodities store in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China, the city known for the largest commodity market in the world. Korean commodities are introduced here while exploring supply networks in all parts of China.
POSCO DAEWOO is expanding export, import and triangular trade of marine products by diversifying clients. Since exporting Korean beef for the first time in Korea, the company is promoting the import distribution and triangular trade of meat all around the world.
In the area of textiles, POSCO DAEWOO operates cotton spinning corporations in Bukhara and Fergana, fueled by the abundance of raw cotton in Uzbekistan. It is the only trading company in Korea to directly engage in the production, sale and purchasing of cotton yarn, synthetic filament yarn-fiber and fabrics.

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Main Products
  • Cosmetics and commodities : Skincare products, make-up, mask sheets, beauty tools, hair care/body care products
  • Baby products : Baby dishware, apparel, miscellaneous goods
  • Marine products : Squid, pollack, herring
  • Meat : Korean beef, beef, pork
  • Textile : Spun yarn, fabric, synthetic filament yarn-fiber