Plate Processing Division

As a composite processing base for steel materials, the Plate Processing Division at POSCO DAEWOO is located in areas with easy access to and high demand for steel, such as Gwangyang and Pohang.
The Gwangyang Office, spreading across over 165,000㎡ of land, offers one-stop service from inventory storage to raw material for plates, pre-treatment, cutting and bending. Having acquired classification approval in 2011, it is capable of systematically managing the quality of its products in shipbuilding, shipping and marine sectors, while strengthening the relationships with clients and partners alike. The Pohang Office specializes in processing construction equipment, manufacturing materials for heavy machineries, steel building materials, and fabricating plates for pressure vessels.

Plate Processing for Shipbuilding

Plate Processing for Shipbuilding

Business Content
Processing of plates such as pretreatment, cutting and v-cutting for shipbuilding companies
Shot blast, shipbuilding materials and equipment, steel structures, heavy equipment components, hybrid processing products, built-up beam
3 shot blast, plasma cutter, gas cutting machine, straightener, mounting equipment, welding machine, v-cutter, built-up beam


  • Gwangyang Plant
  • Pohang Plant