STS Division

The STS Division at POSCO DAEWOO is equipped with a comprehensive system that oversees the life cycle of stainless steel products from production of cold rolled steel and precision products to processing/distribution, development of new materials and exploring new markets. Based on the extensive experience and know-how accumulated in the stainless steel industry, POSCO DAEWOO is paving the way toward the future supported by the technological cooperation of POSCO.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel

Business Content
Production of cold rolled steel products
Kitchen appliances, interior/exterior architecture, transportation, industrial facilities, dishwasher storage tanks, etc.
2 high rolling mill, 1 heat treatment equipment, CGPL, CBL, SPM, CTL, STL


  • Ansan Plant
  • Pohang Plant
  • Busan Office
  • Gwangju Unloading Area