Recently, regarding worldwide trends towards resource development projects, the company has increased its distinctive competitiveness as the top leader by establishing the best distribution system for API steel products.
Main products that Steel Division 1 deal with include HR COIL, PO COIL, HR PLATE, WIRE ROD and a few related products such as SHEET, PIPE, and WIRE. These steel products are exported / imported to all parts of the world where they are processed into industrial machinery, industrial plants, shipbuilding, motor vehicles, and steel construction materials, essential to social infrastructure facilities and modern life.
Steel Division 1, with its ?reating New Frontiers?vision, continues to seek new business opportunities, and takes pride in being the best steel specialty group that provides clients with absolute trust and satisfaction. Recently, as an answer to highly skilled maintenance strategy used by steel makers, Steel Division 1 is establishing a continuously growing developmental model by means of active market preoccupation and investment activities in high thermal steel products such as API, TMCP, and high-tensile steel.
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