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  Company Name : Daewoo International Corporation
  CEO : Young-Won Kang
  Address : 541 5-Ga Namdaemunno, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea C.P.O Box 2810
  Phone : 82-2-759-2114
  Fax : 82-2-753-9489
  Number of Staff : approx. 1,767
    1. Managements(4 Divisions and 1 Office)
    Corporate Restructuring , Finance, Accounting, Legal, Office of Auditing
2. Sales Divisions(10 Divisions)
    Steel, Metal1, Metal2, Chemical, Automotive and Component, Machinery Division I, Machinery Division II
    Media and Electronics ,Textiles ,Commodity and Energy
A locomotive for national economic development since its founding in 1967 as Daewoo Insdustrial Co., Ltd., today's "Daewoo International Corporation" is the new vanguard of Korean trade.
As the trade and construction business sector of Daewoo Corporation was divided into Daewoo International Corporation, Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. and Daewoo Corporation on Dec. 27, 2000, Daewoo International Corporation was renewed as the corporation to deal exclusively with the trade business. With the finalization of workout on Dec. 30, 2003, Daewoo International Corporation has been growing as the special trade and overseas investment company all over the world under the vision of "Global Trading & Investment Company".
Daewoo International Corporation that plays the roles as the driving force for the trade and overseas investment of Korea is deploying a variety of businesses including the trade, manufacturing, sales, distribution and resource development with about 6,000 clients all over the world by collecting and using the optimized information using the global business network based on the IT Infrastructure.
Daewoo International is leaping into the new millenium with more than three decades of international marketing expertise, international trading manpower, high quality products, and all-inclusive domestic and international sales networks. With such reliable qualifications, the company looks forward to positioning itself as a truly global leader in world trade.


Company Chronology
  Mar. 22. 1967 : Established as Daewoo Industrial Co., Ltds
  Jan. 01. 1982 : Merged with Daewoo Development Co., Ltd; changed name to Daewoo Corporation
  .................1998 : Ranked first in Korea in exports and trade surplus
  Dec. 27. 2000 : Daewoo International Corporation established as a result of spin-off plan of Daewoo Corporation
  Nov. 15. 2002 : Granted Preliminary Graduation of Work-Out
  Dec. 30. 2003 : Completed the Work-Out Program