Daewoo International Corporation emerged as a company dedicated to international trading and investment when the international trading and construction sector of Daewoo Corporation was spun off into three (3) companies : Daewoo International Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Daewoo Corporation. Since the completion of workout on Dec.27, 2003, Daewoo International Corporation has been growing and finally became one of the POSCO Family Members in October, 2010. Through this chance, Daewoo International Corporation will fulfill the vision of becoming a "World Top Class Trader, Investor, Developer".

Daewoo International Corporation, which plays a significant role as a driving force for trading and overseas investments of Korea, is deploying a variety of businesses in diverse areas including international trading, manufacturing, sales, and resource development with approximately 6,000 customers by collecting and utilizing the optimum information using the global business networks.

Daewoo International Corporation will continue to serve its role as cornerstone for the expansion of Koreas exports and overseas resource development through international marketing know-how accumulated through its global network of international experts in trading, procurement of high quality commodities in good quality and abundant domestic and international sales bases.
Company name Daewoo International Corporation
CEO & Chairman of BOD Lee, Dong-Hee
Address 84-11, Namdaemunno 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (100-753)C.P.O. Box 2810
Phone no. 02-759-2114
FAX 02-753-9489
Number of employees 2,098(As of March 2012, Excludes employees in domestic and overseas manufacturing factories)
Major business area International trading, resource development in foreign countries, domestic and international investments in business, foreign projects


1. Administration (2 Department / 2 Division) : Corporate Audit Department, Legal Department / Corporate Planning Division, Finance & Accounting Division

2. Sales (5 Business Groups) :
Business Group I : Hot Rolled Steel Division, Plate & Wire Rod Division, Energy Steel Division, Cold Rolled Steel Division, Special Steel Division
Business Group II : Machinery & Plant Division, Power Energy Infra Division, Automotive Component Division, Industrial Electronics Division
Business Group III :Steel Raw Materials Division, Metal Division, Non-Ferrous Metal Division, Commodity & Textile Division
Business Group IV :Division I, Chemical Division II, Chemical Division III
Energy & Resources Group : E&P Division, Mineral Resources Division, Agro-Resources Division

3. Domestic Business :
Busan Factory, Daewoo Department Store

1999. 08 12 companies under Daewoo group including Daewoo Corporation begin workout program
2000. 12 Daewoo International Corporation was spun off from Daewoo Corporation.
2003. 12 The company completes the workout Program.
2004. 12 Sales amount exceeded 5 trillion won
2005. 01 Receives the grand prize for transparent management (5 economic organizations including Korea Employers Federation)
2005. 03 Receives the decoration of gold tower on the Day of Commerce and Industry
2005. 05 Company was incorporated into KRX100 Index
2005. 08 Receives a Global Management Grand Prize (from the Korea Economic Daily)
2005. 11 Acquired credit rating BBB+
2005. 12 Acquires certification for excellence in information systems(2006 grand prize for digital knowledge management)
2006. 06 Receives prize for excellence in corporate governance (Company Governance Structure Improvement Center)
2006. 07 Receives the prize of merit commemorating the 60th anniversary of the International Trading Day (Textile category)
2006. 12
Receives the best prize in the sector of future management in the management grand prize (Korea Management Association)
2006. 12 Acquired Certification for an excellent company in information systems / a grand prize for employee stock ownership plan
(The Ministry of Labor)
2007. 05 Acquired credit rating of "A"
2007. 06 Awarded grand prize for shareholder value (The Money Today)
2007. 10 Awarded grand prize in the sector of global management (Korea Management Association)
2007. 10 Awarded grand prize for digital knowledge management (National Information Society Agency)
2008. 12 Daewoo International Japan Corp. acquires ISO 14001 certification
2010. 08 The contract for a takeover was signed by POSCO and Korea Asset Management Corp.
2010. 10 Appointment of Dong-Hee Lee as CEO & Chairman of BOD
2011. 09 Secured exploration rights to the southern region of 6-1 mines, located under the sea beds of the East sea.
2011. 10 Signing a sponsorship deal to support the Korean Bobsleigh Skeleton team for the next eight years.