• beyond trade, pursuing future business

    POSCO DAEWOO will take a new step
    forward from a trading company to
    a Global Integrated Corporation continuing
    to create new business models.

    we make business

  • Connecting

    Based on its 87 global businesses worldwide,
    POSCO DAEWOO trades a variety of products ranging from steel,
    non-ferrous metals and chemicals to machinery,
    automotive components and foods
    with long-term blue-chip partners.

  • Making

    As a project organizer responsible for design,
    procurement and construction, POSCO DAEWOO carries out overseas
    projects on
    power generation, harbor
    and plant construction, while expanding its reach to equity investment and facility operation.

  • Unlimited

    POSCO DAEWOO is securing a strong foothold
    as a global resource developer by pursuing
    development businesses overseas
    in the fields of oil/gas,
    minerals and food resources.